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Evarey Viovicente

Evarey Viovicente


Saudi Arabia 4200


Additional Info:

Evarey Dejeto Viovicente
Professional Caregiver

Career Objectives

To use my caregiving skills in a private or institutional healthcare environment. To work hard in order to provide excellent, compassionate care and attain career success.

Personal Data

Age: 29
Sex: Female
Marital Status:single
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 115 lbs
Languages: English 100%, Tagalog 100%, Visayan 100%

Key Skills

Red Cross Certified Caregiver. Graduated course covering topics including:

 Senior citizen care
 Child care
 Bedmaking
 Home management
 First aid
 Stress management
 Work ethics
 Common child illnesses
 Common adult illnesses
 Ergonomics
 Anatomy

o Red Cross Certified in CPR/ Basic Life Support
o Red Cross Certified in Standard First Aid
o Certified under Philippine TEDSA exams
o Customer Service Expertise
o Computer Skills
o Excellent Moral Values
o Fast Learner
o Hardworking
o Cheerful disposition

Work Experience

Golden Acres Home for the Aged, Quezon City, Philippines (2008)
Certified 120-hour on-the-job-training volunteer in shelter for senior citizens with physical and emotional disabilities. Duties included bathing disabled patients ,feeding, cleaning and other general response abilities.

St. Colleta Special School, Makati City, Philippines (2008)

Certified participant in 120-hour on-the-job-training program at Manila-based institution for special-needs children. Attended and cared for children with mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism, etc.

Little Sister of the Poor, Pasay, Philippines (2008)

Volunteer at senior citizens’ shelter, caring for abandoned elderly patients with illnesses such as dementia and incontinence. Received certificate.

Stepping Stone/ Development Center for the Handicapped, Makati, Philippines (July 2008)

On-the-job-training certificate from school for handicapped children. Assisted teachers in care of special children, including recreational activities, grooming, eating, etc. (Jan. 2007 – Dec.2010)

Part-time executive assistant for online business directory expanding to Philippine market. Responsible for financial administration, market research and desktop publishing.

Caregiving baby sitter

Full time baby sitter age 1 year,4 yrs old, and 5 yrs old. including grooming , give bathing ,feeding ,and tutorial.

Office secretary ,Riyadh , Saudi Arabia ( Nov. 2013- Feb. 2014)

Full time office secretary responsible for all the business schedule ,sending mails , keeping files etc.

Educational Background

Trace College, Makati City, Philippines (April – Dec. 2008)

BS Nursing/Caregiver training. Consistently recognized for performance, participation and commitment.

Informatics computer institute
Finishing course for Call center agents, assisting to the needs of the online call costumer, selling, and making transaction.

STI Tanauan Computer Learning Center, Tanauan City, Philippines (June 2004 - March 2005)

Course in Computer Science.


SR 50.00 Saudi Riyal Per Hour

Services Offered

Babysitter, Nanny (live out), Nanny (part-time), Nanny (after school)

Also has

Professional Qualifications, Special Needs Experience, CRB/Police Check, References, Driving Licence, Foreign Languages, First Aid Skills

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